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Blog Posts on The Beacon (The Independent Institute)
​Online Lectures 

On Foreign Intervention (Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) THINK Conference)
On Domestic Surveillance (Independent Institute, Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminar)
Learn Liberty (Lecture series on foreign intervention and liberty)
On Edward Gibbon Wakefield and Systematic Colonization

On Government Influence on Private Media

On the Unintended Consequences of Media
Other Media:
Should Organs Be Sold, Televised Debate. PBS Point Taken, 2016. 
The Political Economy of Drones, radio interview with Larry Conners, 2015.
From 'Protect and Serve' to 'Comply or Die?': The Militarization of U.S. Domestic Police
Presented at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, 2014.m
War and Empire: The Instruments of 21st-Century Tyranny, podcast, Un-manufacturing Consent, 2014.
Perfecting Tyranny: Foreign Intervention as Experimentation in State Control, radio interview
Scott Horton Show, 2014.
​On U.S. Drug Policy (minute 70)
Presented at the University of Oregon School of Law, 2012.
Institutional Links:

George Mason University

Mercatus Center

Workshop in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Institute for Humane Studies 

Independent Institute

Academic Associations:
Society for the Development of Austrian Economics

Institute for Humane Studies

Association of Private Enterprise Education

Southern Economic Association

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